Protein supplements to enhance physical performance, combat fatigue and promote muscle growth have long been popular among physically active individuals, and their popularity continues to grow. BCAA are among the top five most popular sports supplements. With our advanced microencapsulation technology, we can help you create innovative sports nutrition products. Taste matters!


We provide lab-to-market services to sports nutrition producers to meet consumer demand for tasty supplements turning the industry into a hotspot of scientific innovation.


Unpleasant taste and odour


Despite various benefits branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), their use in sports formulations is not without obstacles. The unpleasant odour and extreme bitterness of BCAAs and other powdered protein beverages, such as whey protein, is a constant challenge of the sports nutrition industry. Isoflavones used for isotonic drinks also have unpleasant taste and odour.


L-arginine, an amino acid important for immunity and wound healing, is ideal for sports nutrition. However, it has a bitter taste and unpleasant odour in addition to its hydroscopic nature. Adaptogens, non-toxic plants that increase energy and help recover from physical or mental stress, also face the taste issue. The addition of sweeteners and acids to suppress bitterness often results in artificially tasting products and oversweetness. It also increases the cost of the final product.


Short shelf-life and clumping issue


BCAA powder has a short shelf-life and easily turns yellow.


Another challenge is the gritty, chalky texture due to insoluble functional ingredients or inconsistent texture caused by moisture. Powdered ingredients tend to clump, making them difficult to stir in. The more ingredients are in the beverage mix, the greater the challenge. The manufacturers try to solve the issue by using the instantising technique to deal with dispersibility, introducing xanthan gum to suspend insoluble particles or guar gum to increase viscosity and provide better mouthfeel. But it inevitably leads to an increase in costs of the final product.


Our advanced microencapsulation technology enables you to significantly improve the efficiency of existing products. As BCAAs are difficult to produce in capsules or tablets, microencapsulation provides solutions to BCAA challenges. It helps offset the bitter aftertaste of BCAAs and other powdered protein beverages, such as pea protein and whey protein, resulting in considerable savings on expensive artificial flavours, sweeteners and acids used as masking agents. Microencapsulation of isoflavones for fortifying isotonic drinks also makes taste, odour and colour more satisfying to customers and increases its bioavailability in the gastrointestinal tract.


Microencapsulation also solves the problem of clumping and moisture. It reduces the hygroscopic properties of some compounds, such as L-arginine, protecting them from moisture and masking its unpleasant taste and odour.


Some compounds, such as creatine, decrease their effectiveness when added to water and are unstable under the influence of gastric acid. Microencapsulation of these compounds results in water- and acid-stable products increasing their potential for sports drinks.


Beverages with microencapsulated substances are also characterised by longer shelf-life due to the increased stability and take up less shelf space compared to their standard counterparts.


In addition, our microencapsulation technology enables us to introduce the sustained-release function providing a steady, gradual release of active compounds for several hours. We will help you offer innovative sports nutrition products to meet the increasing consumer demand for high-performance results.

Mask taste and odour
Mask unpleasant taste and odour to improve palatability and attractiveness of the final product.
Protect active ingredients
Protect compounds from environmental conditions (heat, moisture, oxidation etc.) and interactions with other ingredients.
Improve bioavailability
Improve bioavailability of active compounds to increase efficacy.
Increase stability
Increase the stability of active compounds resulting in the shelf-life extension.
Improve solubility and dispersibility
Increase uniformity of the final product and solve clumping issues.
Allow time and targeted release
Allow controlled release of active substances at the right place and the right time to improve efficacy and prolong action.
Introduce new ingredients
Allow the introduction of new ingredients to broaden the applications and product range.
Make cost savings
Make redundant artificial flavours as masking agents and overdosing used to compensate for nutritional losses.



Share with us your challenges and ideas. Our microencapsulation technology will help you offer innovative sports nutrition products to satisfy consumer demand for high-performance results.