The cosmetics industry is under constant pressure to meet new consumer expectations. Our microencapsulation technology provides a tool to put science at the service of beauty and design unique and innovative cosmetics formulations. The novel delivery system based on the controlled release of active substances enables the creation of next-generation products.


We provide lab-to-market services to cosmetic companies and manufacturers of personal care products in search of innovative methods to improve their products’ efficiency to meet consumer demand for innovations.


Low stability


Many active ingredients lose their properties during the production process and storage. They can degrade due to the effect of heat, light, and moisture or get oxidised (many antioxidants, such as retinol) or evaporate (natural oils). Fragrances are highly volatile and very sensitive compounds. Cosmetics and personal care products can darken or start separating over time. Their smell can change too. Not only does the degradation of active ingredients make the product ineffective, but it can also become irritating or even toxic.


Clumping and interactions


Some compounds tend to clump together or precipitate in contact with other ingredients.


Unpleasant odour


Some bioactive substances have a great potential for the cosmetics industry due to their beneficial properties, but their odour may become a barrier.


One of the main reasons to use microencapsulation is to increase the stability of active substances in order to maintain their efficacy and safety. The microencapsulation provides adequate protection against many degrading factors, such as heat, light, moisture, or incompatibility with other ingredients during production, storage and application of the final product. In addition, microencapsulation solves the problem of perfume’ high fragrance volatility, thereby prolonging its lifetime.


Microencapsulation also masks the unpleasant smell of some active substances offering the potential for a cosmetic industry to extend the range of ingredients.


Most active substances don’t penetrate to deeper layers of the skin and stay on the surface. Microencapsulation can improve the skin penetration of active ingredients.


Another advantage of our advanced microencapsulation technology is to release the active ingredients at the right time and the right place optimising the cosmetics’ efficiency. Released upon contact with skin, for example, by rubbing, the active ingredients reach the target zone, skin or hair, in a controlled manner. For example, deodorants can be designed in a way that their action is increased during the period of excessive perspiration. Antifungal and antibacterial microcapsules can be added to prevent the opportunistic activity of these microorganisms. We create innovative cosmetics and personal care products.


A similar effect can be applied to UV filters – they become activated when the sun exposure is increased. For perfume, a slow-release mechanism allows fragrances to be released over a more extended period of time. Alternatively, they can be released upon mechanical action (“scratch and sniff” perfume).


Made from fully biodegradable, hypoallergenic polymers, our microcapsules can be used in a variety of cosmetic and personal care products, including those destined for very sensitive skin.


These are just a few examples of innovative cosmetics. There is a wide range of other possible applications.

Mask odour and colour
Mask unpleasant odour and unattractive colour or enhance fragrance to improve product attractiveness.
Protect active ingredients
Protect compounds from environmental conditions (heat, moisture, oxidation etc.) and interactions with other ingredients.
Improve bioavailability
Improve bioavailability of active compounds to increase efficacy.
Increase stability
Increase the stability of active compounds resulting in the shelf-life extension.
Improve solubility and dispersibility
Increase uniformity of the final product and solve clumping issues.
Allow time and targeted release
Controlled release of active substances at the right place and time to improve efficacy and prolong action.
Introduce new ingredients
Allow the introduction of new ingredients to broaden the applications and product range.
Improve skin penetration
Ensure that active ingredients penetrate deeper layers of the skin for more efficacy.



Share with us your challenges and ideas. Our team of experts will help you design unique and innovative cosmetics formulations for stable, high-performance products offering you a competitive advantage on the market.