We are a Swiss technological startup established by a group of renowned scientists. We developed cutting-edge technologies that offer a cost-effective production of a wide range of novel materials and innovative solutions for various industries. We are looking forward to working with you to bring your products to a new level, create customised solutions to your challenges and implement your ideas. Using our patterned microcontainer films and advanced microencapsulation technologies, we can help you improve the performance of your products and successfully bring your ideas to the market. Let us know what you have in mind, even your most bold ideas.
Like Dr Leo Baekeland, who invented Bakelite, the world’s first plastic, we developed patterned microcontainer film. Our patterned microcontainer film is a novel and highly promising material on the market with various applications ranging from electronics to biomedical devices. It can be used as a novel drug-eluting coating material for medical devices (stents, catheters, implants, etc.) and a high-performing material for printed circuit boards (PCBs). The microcontainer film can be made from a wide range of polymers (including biocompatible and biodegradable polymers) and filled with nearly any desired substances depending on your needs. Our technology is the only one on the market producing patterned microcontainer films in industrial quantities and at a low cost.
Microencapsulation is the process of incorporating active ingredients – liquids, solids or gases – inside tiny spheres, known as microcapsules, that are invisible to the eye. Acting as a barrier, they protect bioactive compounds from the external environment and interactions. We went a step further. We developed a cutting-edge coaxial electrospray microencapsulation technology that enables us to programme the shell, made from synthetic or biocompatible and biodegradable polymers, to achieve the controlled and timely release of the encapsulated substance triggered by pH, temperature, ultrasound, etc. Our programmed-shell microcapsules are unique on the market, offering enhanced functionality and an effective delivery mechanism, which releases the substances at a specific time and specific site within the body.
We own a unique microcontainer film technology that offers a cost-effective production of a wide range of new materials and solutions for a variety of industries. These new materials can be used for medical and cosmetic devices (to achieve the controlled and timely release of substances), for electronics (for printed circuit boards, accumulators, high voltage cables, high-data transfer microcircuits such as 5G etc.), for product tracking systems (as a competitive alternative to the existing RFID tags and QR codes), and other areas.


Microcapsules are an imperceptible solution to noticeable problems. Our programmed-shell microcapsules are unique on the market, offering enhanced functionality. Our advanced microencapsulation technology ensures a highly effective delivery mechanism of active compounds achieving efficacy at an entirely different level. We can help you increase product performance and create innovative products with more benefits. Our advanced microencapsulation technology can be applied across various industrial sectors, such as dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, sports nutrition, animal health & nutrition, etc.

Our innovative microcontainer films and advanced microencapsulation technologies are the result of 25 years of ongoing research. They are a powerful tool to increase the performance of your products.


Our patterned microcontainer film technology enables us to produce advanced materials, completely new to the market, with a wide variety of technological applications – medical devices, electronics, product tracking systems, etc. It is a game-changer on the market.


Our advanced microencapsulation revolutionises the efficacy and the delivery mechanism of active compounds. It will enable you to produce unique, innovative products using FDA-approved biocompatible, fully biodegradable and non-allergenic polymers. We can design programmed-shell microencapsulation for drugs, dietary supplements, vitamins, microelements, etc. and precisely tune the time of their release, achieving efficacy at an entirely different level.

We provide advice and offer lab-to-market services to manufacturers from various industries to solve current challenges and help develop innovative products. Our team will conduct R&D and feasibility testing and will design the production process to find the best solution to meet your requirements. Our microcontainer films and advanced microencapsulation technologies are a great opportunity to expand your company’s potential and offer unique products. We will help you stand out from the crowd.
Innovative technologies
Patterned microcontainer films are an excellent alternative to existing materials for printed circuit boards (PCB), accumulators, high voltage cables, high-data transfer microcircuits such as 5G, etc. due to the ability to reduce energy losses and overheating.
Innovative technologies
Product tracking systems
Patterned microcontainer films can be used as next-generation invisible magnetic tags, an alternative to the existing RFID tags and QR codes. They can be incorporated into banknotes, paper, plastic, powdered products or liquids and are impossible to counterfeit.
Innovative technologies
Medical devices
Biocompatible patterned microcontainer films can be used to coat medical stents, implants and mesh endoprosthesis, plasters, nicotine patches, etc., to achieve the controlled and timely release of anti-inflammatory and wound healing drugs and other substances triggered by ultrasound, pH, temperature, etc.
Innovative technologies
Patterned microcontainer films can be used for cosmetic face masks to improve the delivery of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, ceramides and other skincare products to the skin. The microcontainer films will ensure the slower and gentler release of active compounds, improving the skin-repairing effects.
Mask taste and odour
Microencapsulation masks unpleasant taste and odour, thus, improving the palatability and aesthetics of the final product.
Protect active ingredients
Microencapsulation protects the active compounds from environmental conditions (heat, moisture, oxidation etc.) and interactions with other ingredients.
Improve bioavailability
Microencapsulation improves the bioavailability of active compounds, thus, increasing the efficacy.
Increase stability
Microencapsulation increases the stability of active compounds resulting in the shelf-life extension.
Improve solubility and dispersibility
Microencapsulation increases the uniformity of the final product and solves clumping issues.
Allow time and targeted release
Advanced microencapsulation ensures the controlled release of active substances at the right place and time, thus, improving efficacy and prolonging action.
Introduce new ingredients
Microencapsulation allows the introduction of new ingredients, thus, broadening the applications and product range.
Make cost savings
Microencapsulation makes redundant artificial flavours used as masking agents and overdosing used to compensate for nutritional losses.