Microcapsules are an imperceptible solution to noticeable problems. Discover potential applications of our microencapsulation technology, which will enable you to imagine new possibilities.


Our microencapsulation technology can be applied across diverse industrial sectors such as dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals for humans and animals, food and beverages, sports nutrition, cosmetics, textile and many others. Microencapsulation enables overcoming the main challenges encountered during manufacturing, storage and application.


Plan to fortify consumer products with vitamins, oils and minerals? Have issues with stability or solubility? Want to increase bioavailability and introduce new compounds with therapeutic and disease-prevention effects? Face issues with clumping or unpleasant taste? Want to improve the performance of your products? Want to produce antibiotic-free meat? Plan to introduce the programmed release of a compound?


Our microencapsulation technology presents an opportunity for manufacturers in a variety of industries to achieve product differentiation and to have more benefits from less.